In brief about TOP popular sports in Germany

It is a really athletic country. You are free to find lots of people exercising just outside (in the parks, for example) everyday. Also many prominent and world-known athletes originate from here. Let’s talk about the most popular sports here in detail.

The widely spread kinds of sports in Germany

Though there are lots of disciplines to be widespread here, we should focus on the most important and spread throughout the country.
Not to say a lot in vain, among the are:

At the top of the list of the main disciplines of the Germans is golf. And although it’s relatively expensive, and not even the golf tournaments are shown on local television, the Germans love it and support their compatriots, for instance, the famous golfer Martin Kaymer.

And as one of the TOP sports in the world, it is also well-known in Germany. Football seems to be the national sport even. The German team became the world champion four times and is one of the best in Europe. The natives love and respect football games, and almost every day the stadiums are full of spectators who want to support their ‘lucky’ team.
The biggest shows to be crowded with football fans are arranged in the frame of the Bundesliga, the highest championship of German football. In addition, this league is one of the strongest in the world. Being headed by Joachim Low the team led flexible tactics and embodied the standard of modern game. However, the 2020/2021 season was overshadowed by the corona pandemic and was largely held without spectators.
While talking about the leader, FC Bayern Munich is the star here. In 2020, the club won the Bundesliga for the 30th time; in addition, FC Bayern has won the DFB Cup 20 times and won the UEFA Champions League in 2001, 2013 and 2020. The association has more than 291,000 members and is the second most important after Benfica Lisbon.

Although this discipline hasn’t its origin from Germany, it looks quite like it. German fans make more noise at hockey matches than at any other event (except for football).

In addition to football, tennis is another national occupation. It was once considered an aristocratic discipline and has always attracted the interest of the highest circles of the estate.

It’s hard to find someone who has not heard the names of Schumacher and Vettel as the celebrities of a well-known race called Formula 1. These men have become the idols for millions of people and have made an enormous contribution to the races here.

Cycling completes the list of the well-known sports here. There is not much to say about this: despite the love of action sports such as ice hockey or football, almost everyone in Germany has a bicycle and likes to ride it every weekend.
As you can see, the country is strong not only in football, but also in disciplines such as tennis, shooting, athletics, handball and equestrian sports. Other sets are also very popular. Thus there is no wonder why the results of German athletes are so good. Besides, many special funds exist to develop and support the field.

One more option to mind

Except for watching and training, you can easily make some extras on racing or football, for instance. Just choose the right discipline, find out the event and select the favorite. While making predictions on the winner, you can profit with betting. Just try and enjoy the result. But dion’t mind the game as the way to earn – fell the emotions given by others sport lovers.